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Over the last several years we've experienced increased requests from clients for upgraded amenities in the products and services we offer. Therefore, the following attitudes and procedures will become our company policy as our New Year resolution and our new commitment to our customers.
bullet To show clients the boundary between their responsibilities and ours. We will  thoroughly, accurately and forthrightly explain the process of building. Sometimes we will explain things more than once, patiently and cheerfully. This includes explaining the procedures for change orders, site visits, the delivery process and warranty. When buyers decide to do business with us, they will understand what  we expect of them and what they can expect of us.
bullet To establish effective communication, we will listen actively. We will respond promptly to client concerns. When one of us does not know an answer, he will acknowledge that and commit himself to finding the right answer. By viewing clients as our partners, not our adversaries, we can create the context for mutual respect. The extra effort required to maintain client trust will be our daily routine.
bullet The client's active involvement in the care of their home is vital to their satisfaction and to our survival as a business. To foster this improvement, we will educate our clients about the materials and products used in their homes.
bullet Misunderstandings arise when we assume clients understand the natural properties of materials we use and the requirements we must satisfy. We will use every available tool to educate them (conversation, written instructions and descriptions, photos, diagrams, displays, samples and demonstrations). Where we have a warranty obligation, we will meet it promptly and cheerfully. Where we do not, we will explain, teach and guide.
We know success is not guaranteed.   But we take our task seriously and strive for excellence, not just because customers demand it, but because doing so provides us with dual rewards of a prosperous business and personal joy in our work.
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